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City Guides is the most convenient way for a tour of the city.

Thanks to our application, a tourist can forget about a paper map or a guidebook, an inconvenient audio guide, as well as wasting time looking for valuable content on the Internet. 

He will find all the information on his smartphone, where routes created by local enthusiasts are waiting for him, available in Polish and English. In City Guides, a tourist can get to know not only the most popular attractions, but also many alternative places, culinary gems or interesting locations created for adult travelers. All this with an interesting guide’s story and completely free

Get to know some of our routes and our guides around those cities:

Why is it worth cooperating with City Guides?

We are certain that thanks to collaboration with us, you will successfully convince tourists from all over the world to visit your place.

Here are just some of the reasons, which we hope will convince you to contact us.

  • Information and incentives to download the City Guides application can be found in the most often visited places in Gdańsk.

  • In total, information about City Guides reaches thousands tourists per month.

  • Working with us, you are where the tourist spends most of his time outside of sightseeing - on his smartphone. In this way, you increase the chances of successfully reaching it.

  • Our ads are created to be as attractive and non-invasive as possible for recipients. They are often part of the guide's story.

  • Cooperation with us means not only the presence in the application, but also on the popular blog guideU.pl read monthly by 15,000 people and the Gdansk Airport magazine, which is downloaded by 25,000 readers per month.

  • Our ads are interactive and tailored to the needs and behaviour of the tourist. Information about your place may appear to him when he is nearby.

  • The promotion we offer is completely measurable and always after completing our activities you will receive a report with detailed information on how many customers received information about your business and how they reacted to it.

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