in Warsaw.

Ad stands and invitations to use our solution can be found in Warsaw hotels and many other places frequented by travelers visiting our capital. Additionally, we run the popular tourist blog and actively collaborate with Warsaw influencers and guides. Routes in Warsaw have been created for us by, among others, Krzysztof Ostoja-Kasprzycki – the creator and author of the “PoWarszawsku” project, dedicated to the history and curiosities of the capital. Monthly, we reach over 50,000 tourists from Poland and abroad who actively seek places where they can eat well, shop, or simply relax.

Our routes are available where modern audiences spend the most time – on their smartphones. This allows us to prepare unique forms of promotion tailored to specific travelers and the needs of our advertisers.


Get to know our offer of promotional activities. Together, let’s choose the ones that will best appeal to your customers. Thanks to our application, you will not only reach those tourists who are waiting for solutions offered by your business, but you will do it in a way that will make you stand out from the competition.

Push notifications

messages sent within the application. We always try to make them meet the interests of tourists or in accordance with their current location. An ideal solution for those who, for example, want to inform people visiting Warsaw about the organized promotion or simply encourage them to visit their premises.

Article on the blog is a unique travel blog in Poland and perhaps in the world. All because it is run by a dwarf who is a travel enthusiast. More than 15,000 people visit the website every month. Entries devoted to culinary attractions or ways to spend free time in Warsaw are the perfect opportunity to present your business and its advantages to tourists visiting Warsaw.

Advertising banners

present your offer to tourists exactly when they are looking for ways to spend their free time. This way you will definitely increase the chance, that they will include the place you manage in their plans.

Patronage over the application

do you want your brand to be presented to all tourists using our application? There is a simple way to do this. Become a Patron of our application and your logo and advertisement will appear as soon as you launch City Guides on your phone.

Placing a promotion within the guide's story

there is always a moment during sightseeing, when a tourist needs a break for shopping or visiting a restaurant. You can take advantage of this situation by having information about your business found in the guide's stories about attractions and monuments located nearby.


Creating a route together with an influencer, with your business in mind

Does your place have an interesting history? Maybe it's worth telling about it as part of one of the routes created by our guides. Thanks to this, your relationship with potential customers will gain a new dimension, in addition, you are guaranteed that information about the route will gain additional promotion in the form of advertisements in social media of given influencer.