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Meet our guides around Gdansk.

Krzysztof Skiba

popular musician, co-creator of the band Big Cyc, columnist and author of books. Currently known for commenting on the surrounding reality, usually with a grain of salt. More than 120,000 people follow his activities on social media. In the City Guides, tourists will find its route dedicated to the former shipyard areas, and now a popular party place, i.e. Elektryków Street and its surroundings.

Anna Włodarczyk

Creator of the blog Strawberries from Poland, followed in social media by over 30,000 people. Author of numerous articles on gastronomy and an amazing cookbook on pre-war cuisine. Her fabolous route is dedicated to Wajdeloty Street and focuses not only on the history of this place but also on its gastronomic flavors, recommending all the restaurants you just need to dine in.

Unique routes: the most popular attractions, alternative, or maybe in the footsteps of Gdansk cuisine?

Gdansk Alternatively

Gdansk is not only Neptune and Długa Street. If you are looking for less obvious places, we have it. You will get to know the longest block in Europe or an icecream parlour, which was included in the Monopoly game. Find out why cranes are the symbol of the city, and these are only some of the attractions that await you.

Gdansk Shipyard Center

There is no need to convince anyone about the important role played by the Shipyard in the history of Gdansk. Today, the area, where it was located, is the most fashionable party place in the Tri-City. What places are worth visiting, when we decide to go on a trip to these areas, you will find out from Krzysztof Skiba himself.

The most in Gdansk

You have little time, but would like to learn about Gdansk? Perfectly. We have a route for you about the most important monuments of this city. Thanks to it, you will learn the history of the scientist from Neptun's city, delve into the mysteries of Mariacka Street or taste the cuisine of the oldest restaurant in Gdansk.