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Meet our guides around Cracow.


Zofia Jurczak

Cultural studies scholar specializing in film studies (UJ), scholarship holder of the city of Cracow as part of the "From the inside out" project and ... a professional tourist. Also a two-time finalist Tourist Blogger Championships organized by the Polish Tourist Organization. Currently known mainly for running the blog, which is visited by over 60 monthly thousands of readers. On the blog you will find a lot of content devoted to the city of Krak, but also Japan, beloved by Zofia, or smaller Polish towns.

Mateusz Tomaszczyk

On a daily basis, he deals with .... telling stories. This skill is perfect works well in his profession, i.e. tour piloting, which he has been doing professionally since 2007. He prefers to show tourists around his beloved Cracow, but the call of adventure often pushes him too to the mountains or remote corners of Europe. Mateusz is the guide's showcase of Krakow. His passion and desire development has made it today not only national, but also global certificates such as: International Leadership Trainer or Lead International Trainer in World Federation of Guide Societies.

Unique routes: the most popular attractions, alternative, or maybe a quick visit to Nowa Huta?

Old Town in Cracow Style

for most tourists, a visit to Cracow is a trip to Old Town. If you think that in the case of such a popular attraction, there are only waiting for you hackneyed stories, we lead you out of the error. 21 stories by Matthew Tomaszczyk are fragments that you can arrange into any novel yourself, depending on your mood, or at what pace you want to travel. Following the trail of our narrative guide, we get to know not only the history of the city, but also its flavors, after all, about which route you can say that it tastes like “Cracow maczanka”?

Following the trail of "Schindler's List"

a proposition for cinema lovers, the capital of Lesser Poland known from the places where Spielberg's Oscar-winning work was shot. You you will find out where Oskar Schindler lived, where the first slap was made during the production of the film, and you will also see the remains of film decorations. Zofia Jurczak's route is however a story about Cracow, for which the history of the film is only a great background. If tourism industry would have its Oscars, Zofia's story would certainly win.

Nowa Huta - a city in the shadow of the steelworks

A route that is a kind of time machine, taking us to the often dark period of the People's Republic of Poland. We get to know the genesis of the founding of Nowa Huta (which in the opinion of its creators, it was to become an ideal city) and the dilemmas that awaited its first ones inhabitants. It will also find a place for the cultural part, and specifically for the relationships of this part Krakow with one of the most outstanding films by Andrzej Wajda, i.e. "Man of Marble".