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Meet our guides around Warsaw.


Łukasz Ostoja - Kasprzycki​

A person in whose blood Warsaw flows. Since 2013, he has been creating the project "Po Warszawsku" through which he infects others with love for the Capital. He is so successful at it that his Instagram account is followed by over 115,000 observers. Łukasz's activities are not limited to the Internet alone. He regularly invites enthusiasts to take walks in lesser-known corners of the "Mermaid's City," accompanied by popular artists or media representatives. In March 2023, he took second place in the Warsaw Citizen of the Year plebiscite.

Tamara i Krzysztof Stańczuk

A married couple of licensed guides with extensive experience. However, in this case, the license goes hand in hand with a passion and love for Warsaw. They love showing the Capital to tourists from a less popular perspective. And believe us, tourists highly appreciate it. It is precisely because of this alternative approach to sightseeing that the heroes of their tours are, for example, Warsaw benches or the winter residents of Łazienki Park.

Unique routes: the most popular attractions, alternative, or maybe in the footsteps of Warsaw skyscrapers?

'Koneser' in Praga district

Recently, Praga was a district that tourists avoided due to the risk of pickpocketing. Today, the situation has changed, and this part of Warsaw has become an element of alternative routes through the capital of Poland. Thanks to Łukasz Ostoji-Kasprzycki, who will guide you through Praga, you will learn: where the name Praga originated from and how it happened that 10 million liters of vodka ended up on its streets. But that's not all...

Top 10 Warsaw

Warsaw is filled with attractions, so which ones should you choose when you only have a weekend? We made a selection for you. Join us on a route where we will bring you closer to the landmarks mentioned in tourist guides as a "Must-see." You can expect a walk along the green paths of Royal Baths Park, admiring the view from the Palace of Culture and Science, and learning about the Warsaw Uprising...

Warsaw Skyscrapers

Warsaw has never developed as rapidly as in recent years. The symbols of these changes are visible, especially since they measure over 150 meters. We invite you to take a walk in the footsteps of Warsaw's skyscrapers. You will learn the stories of the Palace of Culture, as well as the newest ones. Warsaw holds many secrets, so sometimes it's worth looking from above, from a high mountain, to locate them more easily.