in Gdansk.

Discover new advertising opportunities with City Guides

Does your company in Gdansk want to reach tourists who can become your best customers? Our unique solutions are the perfect way to reach them. Why is it worth cooperating with CityGuides? Let’s let the numbers do the talking: 
  • 5.7 million people flew to Gdansk in 2023, 80% of whom used baggage claim. Thanks to our cooperation with Gdansk Airport, information about your company will reach these tourists through advertisements published on monitors in the luggage hall.
  • 70% of people prepare for their journey through blogs rather than traditional content. Reach them with our blog, which is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.
  • 41% of visitors to Gdansk visited the city during their stay. We have the CityGuides app for them. A free and eco-friendly alternative to paper maps handed out in hotels. The routes included in it have been developed by popular artists and influencers. For your company, it’s a way to intelligently reach tourists, e.g. through an advertisement that will be displayed to them when they visit Gdańsk near your place.
  • 14% of tourists come from abroad. Most often these are Scandinavians, Germans or British, who spend 2.5 times more money during their trips than native tourists. With us, information about your company will reach them thanks to the already mentioned airport, but also through hotels that promote CityGuides as a way to explore Gdańsk (currently there are nearly 50 facilities).

Let’s recap. By working with us, you will reach potential customers:

  • When they are getting ready to visit Gdansk –Blog

  • While waiting to get to know the city – the Airport Baggage Hall or the check-in process at the Hotel

  • Exploring the city – CityGuides app

Grow your business with us and reach those, who are looking for exactly what you offer. 

Join the rank of our advertisers:

Get to know our offer of promotional activities. Together, let's choose the ones that will best appeal to your customers. Thanks to our application, you will not only reach those tourists who are waiting for solutions offered by your business, but you will do it in a way that will make you stand out from the competition.

Push notifications

messages sent within the application. We always try to make them meet the interests of tourists or in accordance with their current location. An ideal solution for those who, for example, want to inform people visiting Gdansk about the organized promotion or simply encourage them to visit their premises.

Article on the blog is a unique travel blog in Poland and perhaps in the world. All because it is run by a dwarf who is a travel enthusiast. More than 15,000 people visit the website every month. Entries devoted to culinary attractions or ways to spend free time in Gdansk are the perfect opportunity to present your business and its advantages to tourists visiting Gdansk.

Advertising banners

present your offer to tourists exactly when they are looking for ways to spend their free time. This way you will definitely increase the chance, that they will include the place you manage in their plans.

Patronage over the application

do you want your brand to be presented to all tourists using our application? There is a simple way to do this. Become a Patron of our application and your logo and advertisement will appear as soon as you launch City Guides on your phone.

Placing a promotion within the guide's story

there is always a moment during sightseeing, when a tourist needs a break for shopping or visiting a restaurant. You can take advantage of this situation by having information about your business found in the guide's stories about attractions and monuments located nearby.


Creating a route together with an influencer, with your business in mind

Does your place have an interesting history? Maybe it's worth telling about it as part of one of the routes created by our guides. Thanks to this, your relationship with potential customers will gain a new dimension, in addition, you are guaranteed that information about the route will gain additional promotion in the form of advertisements in social media of given influencer.